There’s little question that anime has gained a massive surge in popularity over the past couple decades and there are multiple reasons this is the case. For one thing, a much larger part of the population has been exposed to this very unique animation style. After all, someone cannot be a fan of anime if they have never actually experienced watching any of it.

One of the advantages of anime is that it has a much sharper series of graphics to it the conventional cartoons, often with extremely fast-paced action that cannot be matched or equally measured with a different type of TV or movie style. Going hand-in-hand with this is the fact that many anime shows are created for an adult audience, or at least a more mature audience, and that means more plots, better storytelling, and a wide array of different types of stories to choose from.

Inuyasha, for example, has sort of a soap opera vibe to it while still providing a large amount of Japanese action and demon fighting. Cowboy Bebop, on the other hand, has a strange combination of science fiction dystopia mixed with film noir and is considered an incredible classic to this day. There are entire movies made in the anime style like Princess Menenoke, and these are just some of the older shows.

There are more shows constantly being made in the style of anime, and the artform is become so popular that there are even other cartoons that have had special episodes in the style to pay homage to the many different ways this artform has affected animation throughout the recent decades.

Amazing characters, interesting new worlds, and above all incredibly in-depth story lines are the biggest reasons why anime has gained so much popularity and will likely continue to do so.