Why is anime so popular? This is a question that actually has a variety of different answers to it. There are many different types of anime out there, and it comes both in the form of television as well as full-length movies. While the art form has existed for several decades now, with the movie Akira being a great example of early anime that gain the attention of millions of people who previously hadn’t known about the art form, there’s no question that in the past 10 to 15 years the sheer number of people who love this animation has increased drastically.

One of the major forces behind increasing anime awareness in the United States has been Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. For nearly 15 years now this series of animated shows has been aimed at a more mature audience and allowed for the development of shows that otherwise would not have reached an audience. Since college students in particular really jumped aboard watching Adult Swim, the explosion of technology and social media with that group resulted in many people being exposed to anime for the first time.

The result was like wildfire with people who would never even heard of this animation form suddenly watching shows religiously like Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Jack, Inuyasha, and a variety of other shows that would follow in those footsteps. This had a massive affect in bringing anime more mainstream in the United States, not only with groups that had traditionally considered themselves geeks or nerds, but also the college students in general.

There are so many different forms of anime and the fact that they have already gained an amazing following is only the beginning of this particular form’s popularity. Normal shows we made in the future and the audience will only continue to grow.