How popular would you say anime is currently? Its popularity grows every day, and there are always more types of anime coming out and being produced. My introduction to anime came in the late 90’s, when Dragonball Z was one of the top cartoons. I remember I would always watch it every afternoon with my best friend, right before Batman Beyond came on television.

Dragonball Z is still popular years later, but the shelves have been flooded with anime. Anime is also online everywhere. One of the kids that used to be in the youth group that I helped run was all about anime. His friend was also interested in anime and was an artist. Then there is my sister, who really likes anime as well and has for years.

Those are the people in my life that really enjoy anime, as I’m not a big fan myself to be honest. It’s not that I don’t like it, but it’s just that there are other things that are more culturally aligned with what I enjoy. I did enjoy Dragonball Z when it was mainstream though. I think that’s what has to happen for me to enjoy anime. It has to be mainstream, meaning a show that everyone watches.

I’m not currently watching any anime shows that I like, but I run into anime all the time online. Some people even like to try and create their own anime cartoons and comic strips. There are many types of anime, such as hentai and manga. Which do you prefer?

There are also many different ways these days to enjoy anime. You can buy figures, decorations, wall hangings and more. So you’re not relegated to just watching anime. You can enjoy your favorite characters in so many different ways.